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A friend posted on my page saying that we will have to admit that the Quran that Mohammad has given talks of too much of violence. Actually this is the message that comes out loud and clear if we read the Quran in the background of the conduct of the Muslims. I am showing repeatedly that ever since Muslims left the Divine Gurus, who were supposed to be our guides and teachers, we are groping in the dark.

Mohammad presented Quran as a rulebook at the onset of an age that is referred to as Kaliyug in the Hindu scriptures. Did you ever thought why this age is called Kaliyug? It is not just a metaphoric phrase.  Fact is that the coming of Kaliyug had been prophesied in the Hindu scriptures so much so that the learned used to calculate the time from when this age would commence.

All Hindus are of opinion that our Atma has been in existence from eternity and it has been created with the purpose of getting moksha, i.e. getting pure enough to get union with Paramatma. Hindus are of opinion that until the Atma comes to that level, it continues to remain on earth and on the basis of its karma keep getting the bodies once one body is not fit enough to dwell.

One Upanishad says that the obedient Atmas treaded the path and attained salvation. What does this signify? Conversely, the disobedient Atmas couldn’t tread the path that would have led to salvation. During the Satyayug, the Avatars merely had to talk of spirituality, of righteousness and truthfulness and people followed. The fact that we are still living in this world is proof enough that our Atmas were not obedient enough to attain salvation. Innumerable Avatars came, Rama came, Krishna came, Buddha came, but our Atma was incapable and yet couldn’t attain salvation. The same happened in all regions of the world. It were the Devas, as we have shown, who were even guiding the Messengers and it was their Noor itself that was working in the Avatars. But at the onset of Kaliyug, when there were only those Atmas left who could still not attain salvation, despite so many Avatars and Apostles, all the constituents of Noor (Light) i.e. the Devas, came all together at one place itself viz. the dark country of Arabia, so as to reinforce the message with collective might. As they came, the Forces of Darkness too united their effort to wean away the man from their path, and has succeeded to a large extent till now. But it is the promise of God that truth will be victorious and it is His trust on man that it would be he would defeat the Forces of Darkness that we can feel confident of better times ahead.

When only the errant Atmas remained, it was but necessary that they be told not just of the good but also of bad. Only showing the satya marg was not enough. They had to be told what would happen if they remain deviant. That is why the Kaliyug man was told of fire and of punishment on one hand and reward and heaven on the other hand. It’s not that concept of hell and heaven were new, fact is that passing references were made towards this by all the preceding Avatars, but for Kaliyug man, these were the tools to make him adhere to the path. A proper framework of rules was made for him. Do this and this if you wish to worship God, do this and don’t do this. But despite this, since our Atma had got used to evil ways, most of us still remained far from comprehending the truth.

Those who say there is violence in Quran should tell whether Rama didn’t engage in violence? Whether Krishna didn’t engage in violence. Arjuna had thrown his bow and arrow and it was Krishna who made him pick that up and fight. Even then we say that Krishna was preaching non-violence. If Quran was teaching violence, it should have been visible in the conduct of its greatest champions, viz. Mohammad and Ali. Don’t look at the conduct of those Muslims who couldn’t change their basic nature even in the light of Quranic teachings related to dos and donts. Read the lives of Mohammad and Ali. You will find that despite the fact that they fought several wars, like those fought by Rama and Krishna, you will not find an iota of non-violence visible in their entire lives. When you have read Mohammad (our Indradeva) and Ali (Vayudeva), take time to read about Husain (Agnidev) as well.

At the onset of Kaliyug, Quran was given as the ultimate guide till the end of this world. It is called the miracle of Mohammad. The importance that Islam bestows to the Quran should have necessarily meant that great deliberations take place so as to understand each and every verse of the Quran, every attempt is made to go to the depth of the verse and know where it was revealed; under what circumstances was it revealed and what is its true meaning? Yet despite all the hundreds of research institutions who claim to be studying Quran, my view is that we are still far from studying the real message of Quran to the extent that while all Muslims are of the opinion that Quran is the ultimate guide for all humanity, you ask them how and they will be groping in the dark. [There is a gentleman on social media who is repeatedly saying ‘prove to me that Quran is kalamallah (word of God) and no Muslim has emerged till now to give him a convincing reply].

One basic reason why we are unable to find the real truths hidden in the Quran is because of the vested nature of our studies. Most of the studies being done today are either to prove anything or to disapprove anything. Muslims who are studying Quran wish to prove the supremacy of their book and hence their religion over all the rest whereas there is also a section who is looking for stray verses, altering or changing their understanding, to attack Islam and its followers. It is God’s promise that we will get only what we will strive for. Hence, we do not always get the real Divine Knowledge that was intended.

Even in regard to the books that Quran itself confirms as Divine viz. Torah (Taurait) and Zaboor [both of which are said to be contained in the Old Testament] and Ingeel [that is supposed to be the New Testament], no attempt is made by Muslims to consider these books as their own. Instead of saying that the Old Testament and New Testament are our books as well, Muslims study Quran and then tell that the book of Jews says so and so and our book says this, the book of the Christians says this while Quran says this.

Question is that when Quran itself says that the other scriptures too have a Divine Origin, is it possible that two scriptures from the same source carry altogether divergent views? My view is that the basic reason for this lies in the several hundred years of crusades with Christians and the enmity that the Muslims developed with Jews during the initials years itself. Another basic reason is the faulty understanding by the adherents of all the scriptures. When one faulty understanding is compared with another faulty understanding, huge gap is visible.

One basic reason which the Quranic experts give for seeing Old Testament and New Testament as the books of Jews and Christians is the belief that these two books are no longer in original form and the Jews and Christians have changed them to suit their needs. My point is that if the Jews and Christians have indeed changed their books, why have the Muslims not retained original versions of Torah, Zaboor and Injeel with themselves, when Quran too had given a guarantee of their divine nature?

There are countless accounts in various narrations as per which Jews and Christians were awaiting the coming of a Prophet (Avatar) because of the prophecies given in their respective sacred books and when they found the signs that they were waiting for in Mohammad, a lot many of them became followers of Mohammad. The famous account of the Rahib (Priest) who met Mohammad even prior to his proclamation as Prophet and said that as per his knowledge this young boy would go on to become a prophet is oft quoted by the Muslims.

Another case that comes to mind is that of Salman-e-Farsi, who was at such levels of piety and faith that Prophet Mohammad said that he is one of my Ahlul-bayt. Salman practiced Zoroastrianism and was a fire-worshipper. It is said that as part of his quest for truth, he came to a church where he was influenced by Christianity and embraced the religion. He continued to study the religion and even went to Damascus to study further. There he saw in the Christian books that another Prophet was about to come. While in Damascus, he heard that a man in Makkah proclaims himself to be Prophet. Therefore, he left for Makkah but in between he was enslaved and sold. By the time he reached Makkah, the Prophet had already migrated to Medina. Finally, he met the Prophet in Medina and later became one of his closest followers. The idea of digging a trench for self-defense, in the Battle of Trench (Khandaq) is attributed to Salman. Why Salman and his friends did not retain the original versions if Christians or Jews were changing them?

Answer lies somewhere else. If you have read Part-I of this series, you surely know that such adverse conditions got created as soon as Mohammad left this world that the very survival of Mohammad’s teachings was at stake. We have seen in Part – I how Quran too confirms the Divine Role of Ali (Shivdeva). But what they did to Ali is well-known. Rope was tied to his neck and he was dragged on the streets of Medina barely few days after Prophet’s demise. Fatima was attacked the same day and the burning door of her house shattered her ribs and killed the child in her womb. (You will be astonished to know that Vedas have referred to these incidents as well from the lives of the Ahlul-bayt). During Umayyad period, cities like Kufa became centers of torture and murder, a propaganda campaign was unleashed from pulpits to tarnish the image of Imam Ali and if any person objected to this malign campaign, he was called ‘rafzi’, taken to the ruler where he was put to death. The word ‘rafz’ means to leave everything that has come down through revelation, which was akin to being a kafir. This was in spite of the Prophet’s tradition, saying:

O Ali! None will keep you as friend but that he is a Momin and none will keep you as foe but that he is a Munafiq.
Sahih Muslim

I have written in one of my earlier posts how a group of Brahmans went to Iraq to fight with Husain, when they got to know that Husain has been surrounded. They are still called the Husaini Brahmans. But by the time they reached there, Husain had already been killed and his family made captive. If these Brahmans had gone only in defense of a good human being, they would have returned back when Husain had been killed. But they stayed there and even fought alongside Mukhar with Yazeed’s forces and helped Mukhtar in the fight to avenge the blood of Husain. They gave several sacrifices as well. This shows that the Brahmans were holding Husain (Agnideva) in high esteem. What could they have done when the Devas they held in high esteem were themselves kept in prison or house-arrests all the time by those who called themselves the followers of Mohammad. At the same time, these very followers were attacking in hordes on all frontiers. Naturally, as per accounts, these Saraswat Brahmins returned and started living a normal life. With time the knowledge about the Devas waned.

During Umayyad and Abbasid rule, all Islamic laws were being openly flouted by those in power in the name of Islam. They called themselves ‘Caliphs of Allah’ but in fact restored imperialism that Islam had so forcefully tried to end. They even made people understand that they were on the throne because it was the will of Allah. The lofty concept of Jehad was twisted to their advantage to such an extent that all the zealous able-bodied adherents were fighting at the fronts far off from the seat of governance whereas the booty that arrived in the name of Jehad was spent on lavish living, pomp and show. At the same time, an attempt was made to interpret the teachings differently and hide certain vital truths. Writers and story tellers were paid to concoct traditions related to Prophet Mohammad, so much so that (as we have shown in our post ‘Role of Woman in Islam’), Prophet’s own character was blemished to such extent that attacks continue to be made on his character till this date. Story-tellers and narrators of traditions were let loose so as to spread false knowledge and defame the true champions of the Straight Path. It was somewhat akin to the  of yays of yore (as Vishnu Purana has told) letting loose Sutta and Magadha who roamed in the kingdom telling of greatness of a boy who was just one day old when he was placed on the throne by the Brahmins after killing his father. Kings used to circulate stories related to arms being received from Indradev so as to frighten the neighbouring kings. The Abbasid and Ummayyad rulers kept the title ‘Khalifatallah (Caliph of Allah) so as to keep the masses with them. They even kept taking the name of Mohammad, as they knew he was gone. But the Ahlul-bayt were still living and they knew they would never compromise with the teachings.

They knew that it was in their benefit to spread ignorance among masses so much so that Muawiya even told Ali in a battlefield that he has brought a band to fight who is incapable of distinguishing between a he and she camel. They did this because it suited their plan. Such ignorant people were made to fight in the name of Jehad on the fronts and therefore the world got to see a very ruthless image of Islam that knew of no humanity but merely loot and plunder. [I keep saying, don’t always hold your forefathers in good esteem. Some of them were the worst of adherents.] The same is happening now as bands and bands of Muslims are moving to tell each other to come to mosques for prayers but the real and sublime teachings of Islam are not being told to them. With such ignorant minds, they can be lead astray by any intelligent leader. If Muslims are being labelled terrorists and the world is associating all the evils with them, you know the reason now.

These, in brief were the conditions. Am I not true when I repeatedly say that the religion of the Muslims is far different from the Islam of Allah?

This answers why the Muslims could not even think of safeguarding the previously revealed Divine Scriptures viz. Taurait, Zuboor and Injeel, despite the fact that so many Jews and Muslims had embraced Islam when they saw that their own books foretold of a Prophet, who had arrived. Fact is that just as Quran is still capable of providing guidance, despite the problems in understanding caused by haphazard placements of verses, the books of the Jews and Christians are still capable of throwing light on the Straight Path. How could the Muslims who have no time to find the role of Alhulbayt in Quran, who still do not recognize a divine role of Ali despite Quran confirming his appointment as successor to Mohammad and still call Quran as a book of Allah, and who have used Quran to support a lot many evils that they have committed in the past and still continue to commit, get the understanding of Divine Books of others which are themselves least understood by their followers.

It is better late than never. Muslims of today will have to come out of this long-lasting march towards deterioration and disintegration, which has been suitably aided by misinterpreted and misguided interpretation of Quran by the materialist maulvis and mullas.


It is my firm belief that Muslims (of all sects) are yet to understand the lofty teachings that Quran presents. Here are some points that will be digested only by someone who is open to use of intellect and wisdom. [I am avoiding those points that I know won’t be digested easily.]

Quran itself is asking time and again for Muslims to reflect and ponder over its content. Unfortunately, Muslims are unable to follow even this command of the Quran. Come let us use our intellect to study some more hidden aspects of Quran.

A very interesting narration is given in the Quran. Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba, was supposed to visit Sulayman (Solomon), an apostle and also the King of Jerusalem. Sulayman’s advisers told him that Bilqis was in possession of a very beautiful throne. Sulayman asked those around him who could bring the throne before Bilqis arrives. The Jinns, who were also subservient to Sulayman said they could bring it in some time. But Asif bin Barkhia, about whom Quran says that he was in possession of very little knowledge of the Book said that he would bring the throne within the flick of the eyes. Sulayman commanded him to do so and lo! the throne was there.

I ask a question. Quran itself says that Asif was in possession of very little knowledge of the book. From this, some of the zakirs (narrators) of a certain sect go on to show that if Asif could do so when he had little knowledge imagine what those who have full knowledge can do. They use this to point at the extraordinary powers that the Ahlul-bayt possesses, who have complete knowledge of Quran.

But I ask a question here of which I know Muslims have no answer at present. If the verses of Quran were revealed on Prophet Mohammad during the last 23 years of his life, what book is this whose knowledge the Quran is talking about? I am sure all the Muslim scholars with their present beliefs have no answer to this. Asif bin Barkhia was not a nabi (apostle) that they could say that he got the knowledge from Divine Source. Then knowledge of which book he was having? Clearly, knowledge of the present day Quran cannot be with him.

I stop here to point at another folly that the Hindus commit. When they hear of Hanuman bringing Sanjivni booti from Himalayas to Lanka in no time, they go on to explain the presence of fast moving Airplanes and rockets (as Rishi Dayanand Saraswati has done). Fact is that Puranas talk of so many people who used to move from one place to another in no time. There were people who walked on water and flew in air. Even as late in the time of 8th Ahlul-bayt we find narration of a rishi in Sindh who used to present himself in front of the Ahlul-bayt (Deva) whenever he wanted. Was this because of the scientific innovations? No, it was because of the power of the self and certain knowledge that we do not possess anymore. It was because of these beings being at the highest levels of spirituality. As Atma elevates and gets closer to the Paramatma, all the material things around become subservient of the person. As Gita says, the highest science is the study of the self, and we know nothing of this science.

If the Quran that is in the hands of the Muslims had not been revealed during the time of Sulayman and a person with little knowledge of the book could bring a throne from several hundred kilometers in flick of a second, then which book is the Quran talking about? Let us try to get the answer from the Quran itself.

See Chapter Ar’Rad (The Thunder), which says:
Those to whom We have given the Book rejoice at what hath been revealed unto thee: but there are among the clans those who reject a part thereof. Say: "I am commanded to worship Allah, and not to join partners with Him. Unto Him do I call, and unto Him is my return."
Thus have We revealed it to be a judgment of authority in Arabic. Wert thou to follow their (vain) desires after the knowledge which hath reached thee, then wouldst thou find neither protector nor defender against Allah.
We did send messengers before thee, and appointed for them wives and children: and it was never the part of an apostle to bring a sign except as Allah permitted (or commanded). For each period is a Book (revealed).
Allah doth blot out or confirm what He pleaseth: with Him is the Mother of the Book.

These verses categorically reveal that the Mother Book is in heavens and the Book revealed as Quran in Arabic is part of the Mother Book. In Chapter V, it is clearly stated that even the Jews have been given ‘a part thereof’ of the Mother of the Book in heavens.

Let us see another verse from Chapter Az-Zukhruf (Ornaments of Gold) which clearly state that the Quran that has been sent in Arabic is part of the Mother Book in Heaven.

Verily, We have made it an Arabic Quran that ye may understand.
And verily it is in the Mother-Book (which is) with Us, Most Exalted (it is), full of Wisdom.
What! Shall We then turn away from you the Reminder wholly for ye are a person extravagant?
And how many did We send of Our prophets among those gone before.
And there came not unto them a prophet but at him they used to mock.
Then We did destroy those mightier than these in strength, and hath gone (such) examples among those gone before.
And if thou shouldst ask them: “Who created the heaven and the earth?” Certainly would they say: “Created them the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing,
He Who made for you the earth (as) a cradle and hath made therein ways for you that ye might be guided aright.
And He Who sendeth down water from the heavens in a measure; then raise We with it a county which is dead (dried), even so shall ye be brought forth (from your graves on the Day of Resurrection).
And He who created pairs in all things and made for you of the ships and the cattle that ye may ride on,
That ye may mount on their backs, then remember ye the bounty of your Lord, and when ye mount on it and say ye: Hallowed is He Who subjected this unto us, and we (by ourselves) were not able to attain this,”
And verily We, unto our Lord, shall return,
And (yet) they assign unto (some) of His servants a partnership with Him; Verily man is an open ingrate!

Quran claims that Apostles and Messengers were sent during all times and to each population. In fact, Quran speaks of Adam being the Vicegerent of God on earth. When Adam was made the vicegerent, the world comprised of merely two human habitants, Adam and Eve. When the need for a representative to propagate and protect the Divine teachings was not left unmet at that time, how can we fathom that Messengers were not sent to various people when the human population grew and got separated by the boundaries of region, race, language and religion.

Quran has given names of several of these Divine representatives. Muslims read the names of Adam, Noah, Yusha bin Noon, Yahya, Ayyub, Solomon, Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Joseph, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and several other Divine representatives. Their stories are oft-repeated in the Quran. It is said that while several of them were given the books or tablets, the rest were mere teachers of the books/tablets brought by preceding Divine representatives. Most unfortunate thing is that while Muslims call these Apostles and Messengers as their own, they have disowned them altogether to the extent that they are least bothered about the books/tablets given to them and their content. Despite the fact that Quran says that a part has been given to the Jews, Muslims are not concerned that the revealed scripture of the Jews is as much theirs as it is of the Jews; likewise with other revealed scriptures. Taking cue from this verse, it becomes evident that if a part of the Book was given to the Jews and the Muslims of today have totally disowned that part, then the Quran that they have at present becomes merely a part itself. I believe that without putting the different parts together, the puzzle related to the Divine Creation Plan would not be solved. When I used this method and studied the Divine Scriptures of various religions together, with an unbiased mind towards any of these, and without any preconceived notions, good or bad, the Divine Plan was starkly visible to me.

See another example from Quran:

Surah Al-Baqara 136. Say (O Muslims), "We believe in Allah and that which has been sent down to us and that which has been sent down to Ibrahim (Abraham), Isma'il (Ishmael), Ishaque (Isaac), Ya'qub (Jacob), and to Al-Asbat [the twelve sons of Ya'qub (Jacob)], and that which has been given to Musa (Moses) and 'Iesa (Jesus), and that which has been given to the Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and to Him we have submitted (in Islam)."

It is evident that one cannot be said to have submitted himself to Islam if he does not see all the Divine Books that are revealed at various times as one and the same and see no differentiation between them. The aforementioned verse talks of Quran and the book sent to Ibrahim and Ismail and Ishaque and Yaqub and the twelve sons of Yaqub and Musa and Isa and more. This shows that there are surely more than 18 Divinely Revealed Books, as per Quran.

For this reason, whereas Radhakrishan writes: “The Vedas were composed by the seers when they were in a state of inspiration. He who inspires them is God. Truth is impersonal, apauruseya and eternal, nitya. Inspiration is a joint activity, of which man’s contemplation and God’s revelation are two sides. The Svetasvatara Upanishad says that the sage Svetasvatara saw the truth owing to his power of contemplation, tapah-prabhava, and the grace of god, deva-prasada. The dual significance of revelation, its subjective and objective character, is suggested here.” [Note that the word ‘deva’ is present even in relation to inspiration of Prophets, which proves the role of Manifest Self through devas in appointing and guiding the prophets.]

At another place Radhakrishnan writes that “The Naiyayikas maintain that the Vedas were composed by God, while the Mimamsakas hold that they were not composed at all either by man or by God, but have existed from all eternity in the form of sounds. It is perhaps a way of saying that the timeless truths of eternity exist from everlasting to everlasting.” You will be interested to know that Aristotle too regards the fundamental truths of religion as eternal and indestructible. We do not know enough about Aristotle and hence are not in position to comment whether he was an apostle of God or not, but the fact remains that the Straight Path to God – the Sirat-e-Mustaqeem – has always been one and the same.

With reference to the Prophets, Athenagoras says:

While entranced and deprived of their natural powers of reason by the influence of the Divine Spirit, they uttered that which was wrought in them, the spirit using them as its instrument as a flute-player might blow a flute.

The same flute was blown at times inside Krishna’s body, at times inside Buddha’s body or Jesus’s body and at times in Mohammad’s body. The flute blowers – the devas – have been one and the same at all times. And the devas have been working in the command of the Manifest Self or Paramatma or Wajhallah or the Face of God and their role and duty is to lead the entire mankind to the path of Absolute God or Allah or Ishwar or Mahesh.

Whereas the fact is that Muslims generally are so engrossed in proving that Quran is the best of all books that they will never find time to read other books revealed earlier. But if you ask in the light of this verse, they would say that they believe in the earlier books but they are not supposed to follow them as most of them are not original anymore. I invite the Muslims to read this verse again. It refers to Quran as well along with other books and says that we are not to make any distinction between any of them, because we have submitted to God and Islam (Islam means ‘the path of goodness’). Therefore, it is evident that Quran is saying in clear words that all that has been sent earlier along with Quran constitute Islam or ‘the path of goodness’ and we are to treat all Scriptures as equal to Quran, if we believe that we have submitted to the Will of Allah (God or Ishwar). Fact is that when we read these scriptures with an open and unbiased mind, they all appear to be completing each other in all manner.

It was inability to see the other scriptures in this light that there came two comments regarding Mohammad Alvi on social media from devout Muslims. One said: “This guy needs to go to mental asylum…” And another said: “This is ridiculous. This man is continuously translating Islam as per his own convenience. What appears wrong to me is a message which comes loud of his articles as if Quran is just a translation of Vedas.

Quran’s message is clear: If you say that you have submitted and still carry your great ego that you possess the best of knowledge, then you are not on the path.

As I have said, Muslims call the earlier Apostles as the Apostles sent by their God but have started treating the books/testaments given to the earlier Apostles as the books of others. The Muslim of today may be calling Moses as their own Prophet but the Tablets given to Moses are considered the scriptures of the Jews. Jesus may also be the last Prophet preceding Mohammad, but his teachings are the teachings of the Christians and they are compared with the teachings of Mohammad. How sad indeed when the purpose of God, through sending a last Prophet, who was the prophet not of a particular region but for entire humanity, was to culminate the teachings of all the predecessors. Naturally, when the teachings of various Prophets, be it Krishna or Buddha in India, Confucius in China, David, Moses and Jesus were being culminated it was inevitable that a general set of rules are given and the incidents of the life of earlier Prophets mentioned so as to create the link between Quran and the scriptures revealed to the predecessors of Prophet Mohammad.

If we follow the manner in which the Divine teachings progressed, we find a very set pattern emerging. The earliest Messengers taught the basic teachings regarding the relationship between God and man. The teachings grew in scope and dimensions to elaborate on the Creation system adopted by God. The Absolute Unmanifest God created a Manifest Self or Paramatma as the first of the Creations (Nirakar creating a Saakar, as Hindus would call it). This Manifest Self started worshipping the Absolute God but went on to create the first divine creations from Light (Noor) – the Devatas (as per the Hindus). Simultaneously, the Creations of Darkness too were created and a system evolved as per which the mortal creations had the choice of choosing between the path of Light and the path of Darkness. The Manifest Self considered it its responsibility to lead mankind towards the worship of Unmanifest Absolute God. If and when required, it was the Noor created by the Manifest Self which descended in pious and pure souls as Divine Manifestations or guided the Apostles towards the true path.  Unfortunately, forces of Darkness were ceaselessly trying to pull the humans towards material attractions and they created deviations in the teachings of earlier Messengers and corrupted them. The Divine Manifestations or Devatas came to be worshipped in nearly all civilizations across the world, all types of rituals and malpractices entered religion and the religion got distorted to become a collection of rituals and sacrifices as man forgot the relation of his self with the Manifest Self and the Manifest Self being further the creation of the Absolute Unmanifest God. Thereafter, the apostles and avatars had to re-explain the true relationship; they endeavoured to remove the vices that had entered in beliefs and focused greatly on the Manifest Self alone, while not talking much about the Devatas who were being worshipped. As the human mind’s capabilities to grasp higher knowledge grew, the Absolute God was introduced. This is the reason why we find the later day Prophets focusing greatly on the need to worship the one Absolute God.

Clearly, there are a lot many secrets that we are still unaware of. Those who knew the answers came and went away and we couldn’t recognize them. Now we have make the search on our own. 

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